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Serve Team

Congregations aren’t built on the talents of the few.

Serving is fulfilling our responsibility to work alongside fellow believers in our congregation and in the community. For a local congregation to function as God intended, this requires every believer working together. Each week our Serve Teams help make that a reality.  Serve Teams are also a place where we use our gifts, connect and grow with others, and find opportunities for us to live for something bigger than ourselves.


We are excited that you are interested in helping at Shoresh David Tampa! Please take a few minutes to share a bit about yourself and where you are interested in helping, via the SERVE FORM below. 

After filling out a Serve Form, you will be contacted to determine where and when you can serve. To manage serve date requests and times, install the Services app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Within the Services app you can:

  • Schedule your availability
  • Accept or decline serve date requests
  • Block out dates and times you aren’t available

Get the Services app here: