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Growing Faith Too [MP3 album]


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Chalutzim Academy was a Messianic K-12 Day School in Philadelphia, PA that began in 1978. This CD was originally created by Steve Weiler (who was the principal at the time) along with the teachers and students. The music was a result of a deep desire to see young people develop a personal relationship with Messiah Yeshua, and fulfill their Messianic Jewish calling. May this CD encourage you in your Faith no matter how old you are!

Album Tracks (MP3 format):
01 - Sing a New Song
02 - Fear Not
03 - He's Always There
04 - Giants In The Land
05 - Put On The Full Armor
06 - Love
07 - Running and Turning
08 - No Greater Love
09 - Joyful Noises
10 - I Can Do All Things
11 - I'll Exalt Your Name
12 - The Lord Is With His People
13 - Talent Parable
14 - Not To Us
15 - O My Strength
16 - Tanach
17 - Start All Over
18 - Thank You Lord

© 1995 Chalutzim Academy & Shivat Tzion Ministries


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