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Teen Youth Group

Our vision is to wholeheartedly seek, pursue, and apprehend an audience with the Holy One of Israel, that we may know Him, doing as He commands, having our words and deeds be acceptable unto Him-causing others to praise Him and place their faith in Messiah.

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Children’s Nursery + Shabbat School

Where the seed is planted that lives forever. Raising up the next generation of believers in Yeshua is paramount!  

Each week at our Tampa location we strive to impact our children through Shabbat School. Our teachers have a strong burden for our younger generation, and the curriculum inspires spiritual growth while providing interest and fun.

Our  primary goals for our children in Shabbat School:

REACH our children with the love of Messiah.


TEACH our children Biblical truths that will guide them into a personal relationship with Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah and Lord.


DEVELOP our children’s love for God’s Word and an understanding of it’s prophetic nature.


BUILD our children’s foundation in Messianic Judaism that will develop future generations of Messianic leaders and families.


SECURE our children’s love for Israel and it’s role within God’s plan.

Our classes are divided by grades as follows:

ALEF Class (Preschool – 4 years through 1st grade)


BEIT Class (2nd through 4th grades)

GIMEL Class (5th through 7th grades)

We strive to provide a safe and secure environment where children can learn about God in a  fun way, within a Messianic Jewish culture, in order that they grow into life-long followers of Yeshua.

Our curriculum provides a wide range of age-related activities based upon the biblical teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures and New Covenant (Genesis through Revelation), including music, an understanding of the biblical feasts and holidays, beginning Hebrew language (Alef Bet), Bible truth application, fun games and activities and basic Jewish education.

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Music Classes for Youth

JAM was established in 2012 under the leadership of Rabbi Steve Weiler.  The vision of JAM Leaders, Louis & Janet Torres, is to teach music and the love of worship to youth, in light of raising up future Praise & Worship leaders in our community.

Free classes are held every other Saturday after Shabbat Service, and each student has the opportunity to learn multiple instruments including, Guitar (acoustic & electric); Ukulele; Bass Guitar; Drums; Percussion; and, on occasion, Piano.

JAM has raised up several students who have went on to join worship teams at Services. Beyond learning music, JAM is a tight-knit group willing to help each other learn while becoming a family who shares the love of music, with each other and within our Messianic Community.

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Our Men’s Ministry is purposed to help equip men to fulfill the responsibilities God has given us as leaders in our household, community, workplace, and congregation. We bond as men as we build trust, accountability and transparency by coming together in monthly meetings at the Congregation, in local small groups during the month, and by mentoring younger men and boys through a new congregation-mentoring program.

The Men’s Ministry in Tampa meets at 2:00 PM on the first Saturday of each month following Shabbat Service and Oneg (light lunch).  We enjoy a Bible-based study, discuss issues that challenge us as men, pray, and encourage and empower each other to be the Kingdom Men whom God has called us to be.  All men and teen boys are welcome, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”


The Shoresh David “Sisterhood” is the Women’s Ministry of Shoresh David Messianic Synagogue in Tampa. Our desire is to create an atmosphere that fosters trust between the women (Sisters!) of our Shoresh David congregation, so we are free to pursue and enjoy meaningful and fulfilling relationships with one another, and enjoy the security that comes with having real Mishpocha (family) to encourage and support each other in our walk with Messiah.

The Sisterhood meets on the first Saturday of the month. In addition to monthly gatherings, we encourage each other to do good works (Matthew 5:16), such as visiting the grieving, those in the hospital, new mothers, etc.  And we encourage friendships outside of weekly Shabbat Services. Our Shoresh David Sisters share with each other their wisdom, their experiences, their knowledge, and their skills.

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“We know that we have passed from death to life because we love our brothers and sisters.” 1 John 3:14a (TLV)


Learn to share the Good News of Messiah Yeshua  without anxiety [about not knowing what to say] or apprehension [about not knowing how to answer difficult questions] or fear of rejection [but rather with confidence and boldness].

To the Jew First –  If you’re reading this page, you might be interested in how we share our faith in Yeshua (Jesus) with Jewish people! Or perhaps you are a Believer who wants to be prepared for the next time you meet someone who has questions about Yeshua. The vision of the outreach ministry at Shoresh David is the biblical mandate to go “to the Jew first” (Rom 1:16) and also to the nations.

Outreach Opportunities:

• Neighborhood Knocking

• Ongoing monthly community outreaches and  events

• Congregational visitor follow-ups

• WOM Training Courses

• Jewish Outreach Seminars

• Interfaith Couples Ministry

• Cultivating relationships with the Jewish community

• Providing information and resources to local churches

Share the Good News of Yeshua without anxiety– Our Way of the Master Training Courses (Basic & Intermediate Levels) will teach you to how to communicate your faith in Yeshua with confidence. This practical and simple approach uses the same Biblical principles that Yeshua used. Discover ways to guide a sharing conversation without fear of failure or rejection. Learn to answer Jewish objections to Messiah in a way that is both reasonable and effective.

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Intermediate & Advanced Israeli Dance

Dance is an outward expression of worship and love to Yeshua our Messiah. We believe that it is an essential ingredient of worship that is powerful in the breaking down of spiritual strongholds.  It also fulfills the command in Psalms 149 and 150 to “Praise His name with dancing!”.

Dance classes are held regularly at Shoresh David as one of our goals is to glorify God in unity unto Him; to allow for the anointing of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to minister to those at Services; and to share the biblical purpose of dance with the body of believers.

Our Intermediate and Advanced Dance Teams also minister during the Spring Feasts, High Holy Days, and at community outreach events. Their heart is to bring God’s anointing and joy; and to create an awareness of what God is doing in relation to Israel and the Jewish people.

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You have arrived at this page perhaps because you are a partner in an interfaith relationship, or are contemplating an interfaith marriage.  You most likely have questions, so we will do our best to try and answer them for you.

For many Jewish and Christian interfaith couples, merging two diverse cultural and spiritual traditions can be a bit complicated. Some couples would like to honor both traditions but are not sure how. While this may be a concern throughout the year, it can become particularly pressing at high holiday seasons and during “life cycle” events.  There are pressures, questions, concerns.  We want to help you explore all that interfaith means.

A Messianic Jewish Synagogue provides the ideal bridge for a Jewish and Gentile couple as it doesn’t require either to abandon his or her own faith.  The Jewish person can express their Jewishness while the Christian can more fully appreciate the roots of their faith. 

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