Meet Ron and Vinu Goldberg

Written by Ron & Vinu



I was raised in New York City in a traditional Jewish home. When I was in 12th grade I began sneaking out to attend church. After a few weeks, a classmate (Lisa) told me she had seen me attending her church. She also told me that she hosted a Bible Study for teens at her home and invited me to attend.

I accepted Lisa's invitation and the first night I attended the study they watched a movie entitled, "Peter & Paul." I was blown away by what I heard and saw in the movie. First, Yeshua (a.k.a. Jesus) declared that He was the Jewish Messiah, and not the Catholic God. I also learned that Peter, Paul and most of the original disciples of Yeshua were Jewish and continued worshipping God as Jews after coming to faith in Yeshua.

Lisa's mom then gave me a Bible (which included the "forbidden New Testament") and encouraged me to read it. That night I snuck the Bible into my bedroom and began reading it. As I read the writings of the New Covenant I discovered that it was a Jewish book. It was written by Jews, about the Jewish Messiah, and the Messiah's disciples were primarily Jewish and still lived and worshipped God as Jews. While reading the Jewish New Covenant, I was convinced that Yeshua really is the Jewish Messiah.


I grew up in a Hindu family. We lived in India for a few years, but for most of my childhood we lived in Oneonta, NY. During college I got a job working at Burger King, one restaurant where a Hindu should NOT be working or eating! One of my co-workers was going through a very difficult time in her life. Despite her circumstances, she enjoyed peace and joy in her life. This got my attention and she told me it was her faith in
Yeshua that enabled her to go through these difficult times.

One day while I was working at the drive-through window, it seemed like almost every customer asked me if I was going to the Park for the big "outreach." I did not know anything about this outreach but since so many people were inviting me I decided to attend it.

At this outreach several athletes and a former Miss America shared their stories of coming to faith in Messiah. As I thought about what they shared I remembered one time I lied to my parents and realized that this was the one sin for which I needed to received God's forgiveness. That night I put my faith in Yeshua and began my journey with God.


I was living in Rochester, NY and serving at a Messianic Congregation. One of my responsibilities was speaking in churches. While visiting a church in Binghamton, NY, I met Vinu. I went back to visit her a few weeks later and while I was driving, the Lord told me Vinu was to be my wife.

That evening Vinu asked me, "What are your intentions?" I told her that God told me she was to be my wife. Vinu then told me that she asked God to arrange her marriage. She also asked God to have this man say to her, "God told me you are to be my wife." When a man would say these exact words, she would know that this was the man God selected to be her husband. We were informally engaged that evening. Several months later we were married under the chuppah.

We now have five children and are raising them as Messianic Jews. We celebrate Shabbat, and the Feasts of the Lord found in Lev. 23 and the other Jewish holidays. As we celebrate these Feasts, I highlight the ways in which they point us to Yeshua and how they can help us be more like Him.