(The Anointed Generation)


T.A.G. Group





To wholeheartedly seek, pursue,


and apprehend audience with the


Holy One of Israel, that we may know Him,


doing as He commands, having our


words and deeds be acceptable


unto Him-causing others to praise


Him and place their faith in Messiah.



Don & Dolly ZieglerDon and Dolly Ziegler have been the Youth Directors for Shoresh David Tampa for over 2 years.  Previously they served as Shabbat Coordinators at Shoresh David, and coming from a background as Children's Pastors for The Assemblies of God. For years, their ministry has been centered around Teens and Youth. Dolly graduated from Urban Bible Training Center in Tampa, FL, and Don has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.  They have been happily married for over 26 years and have 4 children.  

As the leaders of our T.A.G. youth group, Don & Dolly's primary goal is to inspire and cultivate teens to “turn the world upside down”, by living up to the promise of Acts 2:17 (Joel 2:28):  'Adonai says:  "In the Last Days, I will pour out from my Spirit upon everyone. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams."  

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